Monday, March 12, 2018

Lori Whitlock March Blog Hop

 Welcome to the March Blog Hop.  I always love March; so many fun things happening.  One thing happening this month is my daughter's Golden Birthday.  I thought a shirt would be a fabulous way to commemorate the day.
 I started with Lori's file found in her store or Silhouette store.  In Silhouette Studio, I released the compound path, moved the mimi, then made a compound path with best and ever.
 I used the Joy Font found here or here to type the word day.  I played around with the words until I liked the size and location of them.
 Next I created a box and filled it with color so I could tell what my final project will look like. Then I selected both the box ands words and made a couple copies (in case I mess up).  Then with the box and words selected I used the subract tool. 
This cuts the words out of the box.  You should have a copy of your words already.  Make sure not to resize the individual files after this step.
I cut the 2 colors out and then pressed them onto the shirt with the Cricut Easy Press. I used Siser gold foil for the gold and siser black for the words.  The foil looks really cool.  The picture doesn't quite capture it.

A couple of tips.  Don't drop your weeded design on the floor (the sticky back attracts all those things you didn't vacuum).  With the Silhouette studio update, if you have Heat Transfer Vinyl selected, it will prompt you if you want to cut as-is or mirrored.  I appreciate the reminder, but know that if you select mirrored, it might not cut on the mat/material where you expect it to.  In the above design, I select cut mirrored when the prompt came up.  It cut my design on the right side of the mat rather than the left.  So just be aware of that.

I hope you find some fun project to work on this week.  There's Pi Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter all coming up.

Hope you enjoy the Hop.