Monday, September 10, 2018

September Lori Whitlock Creative Team Blog Hop

Welcome to the September Blog Hop.  We have several fruit trees in our yard, and all of them are having an amazing crop this year.  I have been working on preserving the fruit since we can't possibly eat all the fresh fruit at once.

Instead of just using a sharpie to label the jars, I used some of Lori's new files.  This Circle Dingbat Font is so fun.  (Silhouette Store, SVG Shop).

I picked 3 circles and added text to Silhouette Sticker paper.  Then just print and cut for these labels.

Pick up the free file available today only at Lori's blog!

 And time to stock up on all your fall favorites for your fall crafting needs.


Enjoy the hop!  See you next time.

Monday, August 13, 2018

August Lori Whitlock Creative Team Blog Hop

Welcome to the August Blog Hop!  I hope that you have enjoyed all the projects today.  I bring you a set of earrings. I used Cricut Faux Leather.

I first opened the file in Silhouette and used the offset tool to make a solid background.

After releasing the Compound Path, I selected all the inner cuts and deleted them.

Now I will cut the solid background as well as the cut out leaf to complete the earring.

You can find these earrings in a bundle here at Lori's Shop or here at Silhouette

This one is the size that the file comes in from the Silhouette Store.
The first pair on the above has 2 layers--a solid background and the cut out leaf on top.  I also made some about half the size of the original. 

 Original size:  Just less than 3 inches long.

These are 1.7 inches long.

I started with the Leatherette Silhouette Cut settings.  That worked fairly well (which is Blade: 6, Speed 3, Force 33).  I tried at blade 10, and that worked better.  These earrings are so light, you'll forget that you are wearing them.  Lori has more earrings both in her shop and at the Silhouette Store
Image 1

Be sure to grab the freebie today at Lori's Blog, shop the sale, and enter the giveaway!

Don't forget to download the freebie from Lori's blog.

Monday, July 9, 2018

July Lori Whitlock Creative Team Blog Hop

Welcome to the July Blog Hop! I hope that you are enjoying a fabulous summer. I am visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico with my extended family.  I needed to do a little crafting while on vacation.  Guess what?!  The Silhouette Mint is a great traveling craft.  It is small and the supplies needed are small, so I was able to fit all things in a small box.

Lori has some great fonts and files that work great as stamps.
I used this Unicorn from the Shop or Sihouette Store.  And I used the LW Dreamy Font: Silhouette Store, Lori's Shop.
 The Silhouette Mint makes custom stamps.  After making the stamp in the machine.  You add ink to your design. Below you see what the stamp looks like before stamping away the excess ink.  It kind of looks like a turkey.

You stamp several times to get rid of the excess ink, then it's ready to stamp for 50 applications!  The unicorn design is great for using multiple colors.  You see how the colors blend into each other to make a nice rainbow effect.  My niece is going to love the stamp!

Monday, June 11, 2018

June Lori Whitlock Blog Hop

Welcome to the June Blog Hop.  I hope that June is shaping up to be a great month.  We started out June by driving to Gilbert, Arizona to celebrate the marriage of my sister.  She was married June 2 in Gilbert, then that evening we drove to Tucson for a reception.  The kids were great helpers in setting up the outdoor reception in the 100 degree heat.  By the time the guests came, there was shade and a breeze, so the evening was pleasant. 

I used Jack and Jill--Jill paper to highlight some of the pictures from the day.  Also a trusty Square Life Template.

Make sure to pick up the fun Father's Day Freebie for today and enjoy all the hop projects:

Don't forget to download the freebie from Lori's blog.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Lori Whitlock May Blog Hop

I am showcasing today one of these Giant Flowers from Lori's Shop or Silhouette store.  These fabulous flowers are so fun for decoration.
Easy Giant Flower Bundle

These giant flowers come together fast.  I hope you have fun plans for the week.  Get your favorite files during the sale!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Lori Whitlock Blog Hop

Welcome to the April Blog Hop.  We just returned from our Spring Break Adventure.  We enjoyed road tripping to Southern California.  Water and air were a little cool, but all the kids had a great time.

I used Hello Vacation Collection and a Life Template.

I hope you enjoyed the Blog Hop.  Here are the other stops if you missed any:
Don't forget to download the freebie from Lori's blog.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Lori Whitlock March Blog Hop

 Welcome to the March Blog Hop.  I always love March; so many fun things happening.  One thing happening this month is my daughter's Golden Birthday.  I thought a shirt would be a fabulous way to commemorate the day.
 I started with Lori's file found in her store or Silhouette store.  In Silhouette Studio, I released the compound path, moved the mimi, then made a compound path with best and ever.
 I used the Joy Font found here or here to type the word day.  I played around with the words until I liked the size and location of them.
 Next I created a box and filled it with color so I could tell what my final project will look like. Then I selected both the box ands words and made a couple copies (in case I mess up).  Then with the box and words selected I used the subract tool. 
This cuts the words out of the box.  You should have a copy of your words already.  Make sure not to resize the individual files after this step.
I cut the 2 colors out and then pressed them onto the shirt with the Cricut Easy Press. I used Siser gold foil for the gold and siser black for the words.  The foil looks really cool.  The picture doesn't quite capture it.

A couple of tips.  Don't drop your weeded design on the floor (the sticky back attracts all those things you didn't vacuum).  With the Silhouette studio update, if you have Heat Transfer Vinyl selected, it will prompt you if you want to cut as-is or mirrored.  I appreciate the reminder, but know that if you select mirrored, it might not cut on the mat/material where you expect it to.  In the above design, I select cut mirrored when the prompt came up.  It cut my design on the right side of the mat rather than the left.  So just be aware of that.

I hope you find some fun project to work on this week.  There's Pi Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter all coming up.

Hope you enjoy the Hop.