Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Welcome to the March Creative Team Blog Hop.  March is always a fun time around here.  I love St. Patrick's Day!  I made this poster with Lori's St. Patrick's Day Paper and Elements.

Lori Whitlock--Luck by Ashley Cook

Some other St. Patrick's Day inspiration:
Lori Whitlock--St. Patrick's Day by Ashley Cook
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Do you have a file that you use over and over?  I have one that I have used several times now.  It is the perfect little thing to give as a gift--birthday, graduation, etc.  The recipients always love how fun it is.  What is it?  A Money Roll box.  Found at Lori's Store and at the Silhouette store.

First I made a money snake by taping dollar bills end to end with washi tape.  Then rolled up the dollar bills.

I assembled the box.  Look how my washi tape is the perfect size to hold the money roll.

Lori Whitlock Money Roll box
Popped the money roll in, and closed the box and sealed with washi tape.

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Pick up your favorites during the sale.  Enjoy the rest of the hop.

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