Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I started with these peaches in the sink. They look pretty here, don't they.
  Then I rinsed them, and put them in very hot water, then cold, then removed the skins.  Then I started cutting. Then they weren't so pretty.  I don't like doing my peaches very much because most of the peaches get bruised somehow. I don't know all the reasons yet.  Some fall to the ground, and some get squished in the bags.  So I end up tossing half of each peach away.  Anyway after cutting, then this:

 After bagging 6 quart size bags of peaches, I had these left over:

We will have some peaches for dinner.  Maybe we'll have something else too.

So after doing all those peaches.  I worked on some Digital Layouts for a while.  The time passed quickly.  I was sitting at my computer wondering why it smelled like rotting peaches.  I walked in the kitchen for some lunch and found this:
I have a bad habit of not finishing.  I worked so hard on peaches, then I took a break.  But this will attract fruit flies and look nasty and smell nasty.  So I decided to dump them outside.  But first I ate some lunch, and then there was a commercial for a TV show on, and I saw the actor that was in Human Target on the commercial.  So I needed to find out what happened to Human Target.  I don't get addicted to many shows.  That's probably because I like all the obscure shows that get cut after a season or two--namely Kyle XY and Human Target.  So I discovered that Human Target is cancelled.  Finally I took out the smelly skins and bruised peach bits to the compost pile in the garden.  I found out what a beautiful day it was, but I have been inside all day.  At this point, I think I have a few minutes to blog before my kids get home.  Well my kids did get home; they are feeding themselves snacks, so now it is time to get to the homework.