Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blue and Gold Banquet

If you have or have had a Cub Scout, you know that in February you celebrate cub scouting with the Blue and Gold Banquet. (Not to be confused with the Gold and Green Ball, and did you know that the Relief Society colors are also blue and gold?). Well all Packs might celebrate differently; I don't think there are any rules (but it is Scouting, so I could be totally wrong). Well each Den was asked to bring 2 cakes, so I volunteered. I got a great idea on-line to make a wolf cake (http://www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com/wolf-cake-3.html). The idea on-line said to use the Wilton Cake Animal Cracker pan. Well guess what, I went to 5 different stores and didn't find any Animal Cracker pan. But I really wanted to make this cake, so at the last store I looked at all the options, and I thought I could make Elmo work.

So here is Elmo a little altered. Oh and guess what, the last store I went to was Robert's Crafts. And they don't take coupons for Wilton items. I had to pay full price (blah)! Then the next day I went to the Party Store and found the pan for $5 less. Ugg!

I have not decorated many cakes, so this was a great one to start on. The fur I felt didn't have to be perfect!! It's a wolf!! My kids were quite impressed. They wanted to show all the neighbor kids.

Here is the final display. Anna helped me make a yellow board with a boarder. It looks very similar to the neckerchiefs that the wolves (as in the boys that are in the Wolf Den) wear. So my cake was definitely one of the most popular!! I mean who can resist a Wolf Cake! It might not have been the tastiest (I think I overcooked the cake; a little dry). But maybe next year I'll do even better. I have to get the use out of the full price Elmo pan. I think Elmo could also be a Bear and a Webelo (what's that? ha ha).