Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Free Days

So my last post was in December. I seem to have spent more time on-line following money saving blogs rather than posting on my own. I may not catch up on all the winter skiing, but we did have a great time. We also did some snowshoeing. We built a ski jump in our backyard. Now it is finally hot here!! I wondered if it would ever come.

To celebrate summer, we have had some fun times already. Our first successful outing was to Trafalga. All the kids each earned 2 activity tickets that they received at school. I had several activity tickets from the newspaper, and I asked my neighbor if they were going to use their tickets (they were expiring the next day); so I ended up with enough tickets for the kids and I to do a round of mini-golf, watch a XD Theater ride, and the kids got some tokens to play some arcade games. All of that would have cost $50!!! But what did I pay? $0.0 And we had so much fun!!

The kids also earned a ticket to Seven Peaks for reading 500 minutes during the month of March. ValPak sent a coupon for 1 free ticket to Seven Peaks as well. So we made a trip to Seven Peaks Water Park. It was a busy day; the hottest day of summer so far; plus the day our tickets expired (and many other tickets expiring that day as well). So there was a line to get into the parking lot which costs $5, so we opted to park a couple of blocks away on the street for FREE! We all had free tickets. I did rent 2 double inner tubes, and Nick joined us after 6 for $6.95. All of that would have cost just over $100, but we paid $29.95. We played all day until the park closed at 8 pm!! Another super fun day. Sorry no photos of us, don't feel confident about taking a camera to a water park.

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Trudy said...

Ash, you need to write a book about "How to Have Summer Fun on less than $25.00 a Day"!