Tuesday, June 29, 2010


My kids each received an award this year. Anna received the Read Across Utah Award. She had to read 29 different books in a variety of genres to earn the award.

Kegan received the "Go the Extra Mile" Award from the P.E. teacher.

And Garrett earned Perfect Attendance!! (Kegan went Take your child to work day, so he missed perfect attendance by one day; anna missed by 2).

Monday, June 28, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Moab

At Canyonlands


Goblin Valley

We invited Chad and Julie and family to go camping in Moab. Tori came with us as well. Chad secured a perfect campsite for us early on Friday, and we all joined him for great camping weekend. We went to Arches, rode mountain bikes, visited Canyonlands, Little Wild Horse Canyon, and ended at Goblin Valley for games of sardines and commando.

Summer Free Days

So my last post was in December. I seem to have spent more time on-line following money saving blogs rather than posting on my own. I may not catch up on all the winter skiing, but we did have a great time. We also did some snowshoeing. We built a ski jump in our backyard. Now it is finally hot here!! I wondered if it would ever come.

To celebrate summer, we have had some fun times already. Our first successful outing was to Trafalga. All the kids each earned 2 activity tickets that they received at school. I had several activity tickets from the newspaper, and I asked my neighbor if they were going to use their tickets (they were expiring the next day); so I ended up with enough tickets for the kids and I to do a round of mini-golf, watch a XD Theater ride, and the kids got some tokens to play some arcade games. All of that would have cost $50!!! But what did I pay? $0.0 And we had so much fun!!

The kids also earned a ticket to Seven Peaks for reading 500 minutes during the month of March. ValPak sent a coupon for 1 free ticket to Seven Peaks as well. So we made a trip to Seven Peaks Water Park. It was a busy day; the hottest day of summer so far; plus the day our tickets expired (and many other tickets expiring that day as well). So there was a line to get into the parking lot which costs $5, so we opted to park a couple of blocks away on the street for FREE! We all had free tickets. I did rent 2 double inner tubes, and Nick joined us after 6 for $6.95. All of that would have cost just over $100, but we paid $29.95. We played all day until the park closed at 8 pm!! Another super fun day. Sorry no photos of us, don't feel confident about taking a camera to a water park.