Sunday, October 4, 2009

Catch Up

Is there a blogging term for procrastinating blogging, then putting a ton of posts up at once? blogastination? You'll have to scroll down to see all the new info. I may even need to edit my settings, so that all the new posts are at least on one page. Not much literature, mostly pictures. And I am at 95% of my photo storage capacity. What should I do?

Soccer Fall 2009

Please forgive my photography skills. I was so concerned about the lighting, that I didn't notice the background of trailer, neigbor's car, etc. in the background.

Well since I had a hand in the uniforms for the boys, they got the numbers they wanted!

Fall Colors

We drove the nearby Alpine Loop to enjoy the Fall colors. Wow--so pretty. And what you get with silly cold kids.

Home Production

With all of our yummy fruit, we made some yummy desserts. One week we had apple crisp, peach cobbler twice, and a pear pie. Pictured above was Anna's choice: an apple tart. Using the neat apple/peeler/corer gadget.
From making all those desserts, we ran out of white flour on a Sunday, so I got the wheat out and our wheat grinder. You would not believe how fun a wheat grinder is. The kids ground a whole #10 can of wheat in just a few days. It was just so fun!!


We were lucky enough to move to a house that already has a pear tree, 2 apple trees, asian pear tree, and a peach tree. Unfortunately all these fruit decided to be ripe and ready at about the same time. I didn't want to waste all, so I decided to take up canning. My mom canned applesauce and peaches when we were young, but I was never involved (besides eating). So it was a new adventure. In the coming months we'll see how I did.

New Member

This is one of those things: I didn't necessarily want a dog, but I seemed to be the only one. So I relented. Abby comes to us from a good home. She is 5 years old, and her owner was going off to college. She is great with the kids and all around a good dog. She did chew up a couple of abandoned toys outside though. (Made Kegan sad--maybe he'll remember to put his toys away). She already knows some tricks: shake, sit, roll-over, bam (play dead). She's working on getting the newspapers.

Garrett's First Day

Too cute. Outside the kindgergarten rooms, the assistant principle was walking around with a box of tissues. When I saw that, it made me a little teary - eyed. My baby a kindergartner now.