Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School

Anna and Kegan started school on August 20. They will be biking or scooting to school this year as long as the weather is nice. First day of school went well. Kegan has a lot to learn about being at school all day long. At lunch, kids can sit anywhere they want; they can eat as fast as they want, then go and play outside. You do have to get your lunch bag in the right bin after you eat. Seeing 35 bins in the hallway is a little intimidating for a first grader. He didn't know where to put it the first day, but I think he figured it out the second day with some help of classmates. He also can't remember the kids' names that he sits with. He says he can remember them at school, but once home cannot recall.

Garrett is anticipating his first day of school this Thursday.


Trudy said...

I like the first day of school picture!

Katy said...

It is hard to believe that school is upon us already huh? My kids started last week. We are slowly getting into the routine. How have you been girl? Your blog is so cute! What a beautiful family!

Choate Family said...

They are getting so big!