Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Nick and I went to Havasupai with some friends. We had such a great time hiking 18+miles and seeing the beautiful waterfalls and water. Last year Havasu suffered a flood which flooded the camping area and added sediment to the pools of the falls. Havasu Falls looked great this year after much work. Mooney Falls is still recovering. Sand bags are in place to help build up a pool. Navajo Falls is no more. The area is still there, but the water no longer runs over it. Instead a new falls was created. There was a big flood in 1993 as well; that's the first year I went. So actually this year Havasu Falls looked better than in 1993.


Not quite done with our road trip. We jaunted over to Mississipi to visit friends. Now ready to go home. Our entire journey was about 3333 miles!!! That means we could drive across the United States.


We needed even more fun and time with cousins and family, so we headed to Dallas for some summer fun there.
First stop, Dallas Museum of Art where Leah works. We had a great time at the First Tuesday event.
Free floats at Sonic!

Dallas Arboretum--we saw all the cute Storybook Houses. Here is the house based on Eragon.

Camping at Dinosaur Valley State Park and a vist to Fossil Rim where we fed animals from the car!!

Tori Graduates

I packed up the car and the kids and drove to Amarillo for Tori's graduation. It was fun to see Tori graduate. Although the kids will probably only remember eating gummy worms.