Friday, April 3, 2009

Great Day

Everyone has a way to define a great day. I'll desribe one great day for me. It happened yesterday! After searching earnestly all over the house for Garrett's webkinz kitty the previous day, we discovered his kitty in the library lost and found. Hurray!! Anna's scooter was returned!! It had been borrowed without permission and not returned and not easily found. I think the borrower forgot where it was left, then stumbled upon it yesterday at another neighbor's house.

Ok, so that may seem a little materialistis, but that is only one kind of great day. I love it when things are found that were lost. This weekend we have a wonderful opportunity to hear the words of God from excellent leaders. We will be instructed and might even realize we have found something that we have lost, or find new inspiration that will help us in our lives. The 179th General Conference will begin on Saturday, April 4 at 10:00 am MDT. You can listen on-line (, or it will be broadcast on BYU TV. Here is a great activity packet for kids as they listen: (I did not make this, just sharing it).


Choate Family said...

Hope you guys enjoyed a great weekend and have many more good days to enjoy!

Trudy said...

Ash, I really identify with you lost but found story. There's something so fulfilling about finding what was lost. I haven't gotten to listen to conference yet--I was in convention sessions on Saturday and then on a plane for 8 hours on Sunday.