Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Anna!

A trip down memory lane. Anna is 9 today!
Anna turned 8 in Lehi, Utah. We celebrated by going to New York City and visiting the American Girl Store!!!
Anna turned 7 in Mississippi. We celebrated at the YMCA!

Anna turned 6 in Mississippi. She went to Libby Lu!

Anna turned 5 in Olive Branch, MS

Anna turned 4 in Texas (well actually in Memphis, but we celebrated in Texas before we moved).

Anna turned 3 in Tokyo, Japan

Anna turned 2 in Gaillard, France (near Geneva)

Anna turned 1 in Provo, Utah

First picture

The day before Anna was born, I was working a Concierge boothe at a Big Planet Conference. All the Concierge employees dressed in tuxedos for the event.


Christine said...

Happy Birthday Anna! I can't believe you are 9. I loved looking at all your pictures when you were younger. Hope you had a great day!

Christine said...

Ash, good to see everyone wearing helmets after hearing about that horrible accident involving Natasha Richardson.
About your prego picture, it is bad enough that you look like a teen bride, but a teen bride in a tux?

Katy said...

It is amazing how fast our kids grow up! that is neat how you have each of her birthdays on here. I don't think I am that organized....
I hope you are doing great Ashley, it is fun to keep up with you through your blog!

Choate Family said...

Happy Birthday, Anna! I think birthday number ten should be spent in the Solomon Islands!

Julie said...

A big happy Birthday to Anna. Present pending....that way her birthday can extend for weeks and weeks. love you all.

erin said...

Happy birthday Anna!

Kaylie said...

It's funny how you lose track of people and then find them again...I had no idea you'd been to so many places!