Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Greeting Cards

Before kids, I remember really enjoying walking down the Greeting Card aisle and reading cards. Really enjoyed laughs from the funny ones. I haven't really taken that much time to look at cards in a long time--when you are shopping with kids, it's just out of the question. Well Anna asked yesterday if we could look at the cards. So I told her she could while I got a few more grocery items. She was very excited to look at the sound cards, and she told me which one she would like (a Hannah Montana one) for her birthday. It's a bit amusing to me for a kid to request a card, but it does sing!! Well today, on a trip to Walgreens, Garrett decided he would like to look at the cards that make noise. I knew there were singing cards, but I didn't realize how many. Garrett's favorite one is a Star Wars card with Yoda on it. There were a couple of other Star Wars cards, so at one point he had 4 cards open to listen to the music. Very interesting!! So for some free entertainment for your kids, head to your favorite place to buy Greeting Cards and get ready to listen!

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Trudy said...

I'm with Garrett--I seldom leave United without stopping to "play" the musical greeting cards!

P.S. But I don't have 4 open at the same time.