Sunday, January 25, 2009

The View from our House

The view from our front door.

This is the view from our back door. It is snowing today and in the picture.

Skiing Martin Luther King Day

We had a great day skiing. We got up early and made it to the slopes at 9:15, the sun was shining, so we didn't get cold this time. Our kids were finished by 3 though!!
Notice the sign to the left of us!!!

On our last run, Kegan found a hole to jump in! Nick showed us how to jump over holes like this. I am sure that is what Kegan would have wanted to do.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


In Memory of Alvin Maddison Hanson
8 July 1915 - 10 January 2009
Grandpa passed away at 4:56 pm today. My dad, uncle Gary, and I were with him at the hospital. I am sad about the loss of my grandfather, but I rejoice that he has gone on to a better place and can reunite with his beloved wife who died a year ago.

Just 13 days ago, we visited Grandpa. He played a game of chess with Kegan and hosted dinner. The above picture was taken then. The kids were getting a little goofy, but we really enjoyed visiting him. Before this last year, I have never lived in the same state as any of my grandparents. During 2008, we visited Grandpa several times during the year. He even played frisbee with us this summer.

Both of my grandmothers passed away at the end of 2007, so in just a short time, I went from having 3 living grandparents to none. I am grateful for the legacy they have left and love them dearly.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve

We celebrated New Year's Eve by watching some Star Wars and a little fireworks. The kids and I fell asleep during Episode V before midnight. Nick turned the movie off and turned on the New York celebration. Then I went to sleep. Happy New Year!!

Christmas Day

Each family member received a nerf gun. I sense a lot of nerf tag in our future!!

Nick wanted to test one of his new gifts (a shovel for the car). He is stuck in front of Lisa's house! After getting unstuck we enjoyed lunch, Rock Band, and visiting at Lisa's.

Christmas Eve

We had a Christmas Eve celebration at our house complete with dinner, a Nativity play, and a fun gift exchange game.

Fab Five minus One

On Christmas Eve, my roommates from college were all crossing paths except for Briana who we missed :(. Rachel, Diana, and Anne came with their families to our house. It was so fun to talk about our Freshman year of college and catch up. Two are pregnant, you can't even tell who!! (It's not me).


Our first time skiing for this season. We went to Brighton. All of Nick's family that was in town came. It took a while to get everything needed, so we finally got to the mountain at 11. We decided to get the Twilight passes which is a pass from 12:30 to 9 pm. With our own professional ski instructor in tow (Aunt Ann), we hit the slopes with 16 people!
In the above picture the kids are following Aunt Ann down the hill in S formation!! All of those people are in our group!!
This is Garrett, notice the flames on his helmet. That makes him go fast.

Lodge time: with very cold temperatures and snow, there were several lodge breaks with cheesey fries and hot cocoa.

Apres Ski!! In the car. How sweet.

Lights at Temple Square

We went to Temple Square to see the lights and Nativities of the world. It was beautiful.

Swedish Christmas

The Sunday before Christmas, Nana hosted a Swedish Christmas at her house. The event began with all the girl grandchildren present, parading through the house with candles.


Santa made a surprise stop at our house before Christmas and gave the kids candy canes. Turns out it was Santa's helper, and the kids figured out quickly that it was Brother Gallagher. Garrett asked, "Brother Gallgager, how did you grow a mushbeard??" I think mushbeard must be mustache and beard put together!


On one of the coldest nights here and after much snow, we visited the reindeer at Thanksgiving Point and saw the lights there. We were so happy that we saw the lights on that night when there was no wait!! Later in the week we saw the many miles long line just to get to Thanksgiving Point! We learned many facts about reindeer including they are great swimmers, they can dig 3 feet deep for snow, and their coat has amazing insulation! Comet and Blitzen were visiting Thanksgiving Point before Christmas.