Friday, December 4, 2009

Random thoughts

Well it has been 2 months since my last post. I don't even have pictures today, maybe Sunday. We had a great Thanksgiving with family and a fabulous Black Friday. It started at 4 am at Target this year!! My sisters and I got the free bag, then were part of some madness grabbing items. I think people were polite--just excited to get their stuff. We were successful at Target. While we were at Target, Nick braved Walmart--he was also successful. I can't yet reveal what, but we were all impressed that he got almost everything he was planning to get (just missed one item); plus a few more things not on the plan.

Christmas is coming upon us quickly!! What is your favorite way to shop? Mine--anyway that gets a good deal. I love Black Friday. I love on-line deals; I love combining sales with coupons! Do you have your Credit card number memorized? Well I do now; I think that means that I have done a lot of ordering on-line!!! But they were all excellent deals!!

What do you get your Dad? Mostly my family reads this blog, but I'll ask anyway. Is dad always the hardest person to shop for?

One more thing: Swagbucks. Have you heard of this? I just joined in late October. I have already earned $10 from Amazon, and on to another $5 from Amazon. I just search the internet using their Search Engine, and I earn Swagbucks. Try it out (please let me refer you :). So if interested send me an email, I'll send an invite).

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Catch Up

Is there a blogging term for procrastinating blogging, then putting a ton of posts up at once? blogastination? You'll have to scroll down to see all the new info. I may even need to edit my settings, so that all the new posts are at least on one page. Not much literature, mostly pictures. And I am at 95% of my photo storage capacity. What should I do?

Soccer Fall 2009

Please forgive my photography skills. I was so concerned about the lighting, that I didn't notice the background of trailer, neigbor's car, etc. in the background.

Well since I had a hand in the uniforms for the boys, they got the numbers they wanted!

Fall Colors

We drove the nearby Alpine Loop to enjoy the Fall colors. Wow--so pretty. And what you get with silly cold kids.

Home Production

With all of our yummy fruit, we made some yummy desserts. One week we had apple crisp, peach cobbler twice, and a pear pie. Pictured above was Anna's choice: an apple tart. Using the neat apple/peeler/corer gadget.
From making all those desserts, we ran out of white flour on a Sunday, so I got the wheat out and our wheat grinder. You would not believe how fun a wheat grinder is. The kids ground a whole #10 can of wheat in just a few days. It was just so fun!!


We were lucky enough to move to a house that already has a pear tree, 2 apple trees, asian pear tree, and a peach tree. Unfortunately all these fruit decided to be ripe and ready at about the same time. I didn't want to waste all, so I decided to take up canning. My mom canned applesauce and peaches when we were young, but I was never involved (besides eating). So it was a new adventure. In the coming months we'll see how I did.

New Member

This is one of those things: I didn't necessarily want a dog, but I seemed to be the only one. So I relented. Abby comes to us from a good home. She is 5 years old, and her owner was going off to college. She is great with the kids and all around a good dog. She did chew up a couple of abandoned toys outside though. (Made Kegan sad--maybe he'll remember to put his toys away). She already knows some tricks: shake, sit, roll-over, bam (play dead). She's working on getting the newspapers.

Garrett's First Day

Too cute. Outside the kindgergarten rooms, the assistant principle was walking around with a box of tissues. When I saw that, it made me a little teary - eyed. My baby a kindergartner now.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School

Anna and Kegan started school on August 20. They will be biking or scooting to school this year as long as the weather is nice. First day of school went well. Kegan has a lot to learn about being at school all day long. At lunch, kids can sit anywhere they want; they can eat as fast as they want, then go and play outside. You do have to get your lunch bag in the right bin after you eat. Seeing 35 bins in the hallway is a little intimidating for a first grader. He didn't know where to put it the first day, but I think he figured it out the second day with some help of classmates. He also can't remember the kids' names that he sits with. He says he can remember them at school, but once home cannot recall.

Garrett is anticipating his first day of school this Thursday.


Nick and I are going to coach Kegan's and Garrett's soccer team this year. Last year Kegan was on a team with a bunch of girls. He really wanted more boys on the team. So I secured 4 boys for our team, and the other 4 are girls. First game went pretty well. We do have some things to work on though. The kids chose to be the Silver Twisters. Kegan scored 4 goals.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Nick and I went to Havasupai with some friends. We had such a great time hiking 18+miles and seeing the beautiful waterfalls and water. Last year Havasu suffered a flood which flooded the camping area and added sediment to the pools of the falls. Havasu Falls looked great this year after much work. Mooney Falls is still recovering. Sand bags are in place to help build up a pool. Navajo Falls is no more. The area is still there, but the water no longer runs over it. Instead a new falls was created. There was a big flood in 1993 as well; that's the first year I went. So actually this year Havasu Falls looked better than in 1993.


Not quite done with our road trip. We jaunted over to Mississipi to visit friends. Now ready to go home. Our entire journey was about 3333 miles!!! That means we could drive across the United States.


We needed even more fun and time with cousins and family, so we headed to Dallas for some summer fun there.
First stop, Dallas Museum of Art where Leah works. We had a great time at the First Tuesday event.
Free floats at Sonic!

Dallas Arboretum--we saw all the cute Storybook Houses. Here is the house based on Eragon.

Camping at Dinosaur Valley State Park and a vist to Fossil Rim where we fed animals from the car!!

Tori Graduates

I packed up the car and the kids and drove to Amarillo for Tori's graduation. It was fun to see Tori graduate. Although the kids will probably only remember eating gummy worms.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ahoy Matey

I got pirates on the mind. Kegan's Kindergarten class is having an end of year Pirate Party, so I have been working on Pirate ideas. I have now influenced Garrett to also have a Pirate Birthday party. How fun are pirates! Anyway I think both parties are going to be fun. To go along with the Pirate Theme, I made a Pirate Treasure Map poster for the Teacher's door. It's for Teacher Appreciation Week. Thanks to Leah for the great idea. I think it's pretty fun. My kids were really getting into it too. They started on their own maps while I was working on the big one.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Powder and Air Mix

Over the last week, over 10ft of new snow dumped on the mountains and the base is now over 14ft. Here is a sample of what Rob and I flew through at Solitude. --Nick

Friday, April 3, 2009

Great Day

Everyone has a way to define a great day. I'll desribe one great day for me. It happened yesterday! After searching earnestly all over the house for Garrett's webkinz kitty the previous day, we discovered his kitty in the library lost and found. Hurray!! Anna's scooter was returned!! It had been borrowed without permission and not returned and not easily found. I think the borrower forgot where it was left, then stumbled upon it yesterday at another neighbor's house.

Ok, so that may seem a little materialistis, but that is only one kind of great day. I love it when things are found that were lost. This weekend we have a wonderful opportunity to hear the words of God from excellent leaders. We will be instructed and might even realize we have found something that we have lost, or find new inspiration that will help us in our lives. The 179th General Conference will begin on Saturday, April 4 at 10:00 am MDT. You can listen on-line (, or it will be broadcast on BYU TV. Here is a great activity packet for kids as they listen: (I did not make this, just sharing it).

Bad Day

So last Sunday was not such a great day as far as material possessions go. We had this amazing storm come in and really rattle our house. Texas friends this even makes a mock of your windy days. I mean shingles were just being blown off of our roof. Our garbage was blown over and being blown around. One fence panel blew down. Then to top it off, our camera accidentally got on the ground in our garage--no one realized it. We ran over it on the way to church, so bye bye camera.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Anna!

A trip down memory lane. Anna is 9 today!
Anna turned 8 in Lehi, Utah. We celebrated by going to New York City and visiting the American Girl Store!!!
Anna turned 7 in Mississippi. We celebrated at the YMCA!

Anna turned 6 in Mississippi. She went to Libby Lu!

Anna turned 5 in Olive Branch, MS

Anna turned 4 in Texas (well actually in Memphis, but we celebrated in Texas before we moved).

Anna turned 3 in Tokyo, Japan

Anna turned 2 in Gaillard, France (near Geneva)

Anna turned 1 in Provo, Utah

First picture

The day before Anna was born, I was working a Concierge boothe at a Big Planet Conference. All the Concierge employees dressed in tuxedos for the event.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Greeting Cards

Before kids, I remember really enjoying walking down the Greeting Card aisle and reading cards. Really enjoyed laughs from the funny ones. I haven't really taken that much time to look at cards in a long time--when you are shopping with kids, it's just out of the question. Well Anna asked yesterday if we could look at the cards. So I told her she could while I got a few more grocery items. She was very excited to look at the sound cards, and she told me which one she would like (a Hannah Montana one) for her birthday. It's a bit amusing to me for a kid to request a card, but it does sing!! Well today, on a trip to Walgreens, Garrett decided he would like to look at the cards that make noise. I knew there were singing cards, but I didn't realize how many. Garrett's favorite one is a Star Wars card with Yoda on it. There were a couple of other Star Wars cards, so at one point he had 4 cards open to listen to the music. Very interesting!! So for some free entertainment for your kids, head to your favorite place to buy Greeting Cards and get ready to listen!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Last Week of February

The last week of February was pretty exciting for us. Kegan lost his first tooth on Monday, February 23. Anna decided to get her haircut on Thursday. And well I had to also include a picture of Garrett--future missionary!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

More Skiing

We bought discount tickets to Brighton before the ski season started. So we have to go at least 10 times to use up our tickets. Our kids enjoy skiing, but sometimes they feel like it is too much. We went 2 times in one week. Night skiing on President's Day and night skiing on Saturday. We keep telling them that soon the ski season will be over, so there won't be any skiing after that. Here's a video:

Kegan is eager to follow in Nick's ski tracks. He likes to go off jumps and even snowplowed down a Black Diamond run. All the kids enjoy going off little jumps, I'll have to get a video of that next time. They also enjoy going on litte trails through the trees.

San Francisco

At the end of January, I got to go to San Francisco with my friend Christine!! We had such a great time visiting Chinatown, getting lost, Fisherman's Wharf, Coit Tower, Alcatrez, Cable Car Ride, Cable Car Museum, Japantown, eating yummy food, walking the Golden Gate Bridge, visiting the Japanese Garden in Golden Gate Park, and seeing Wicked!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The View from our House

The view from our front door.

This is the view from our back door. It is snowing today and in the picture.

Skiing Martin Luther King Day

We had a great day skiing. We got up early and made it to the slopes at 9:15, the sun was shining, so we didn't get cold this time. Our kids were finished by 3 though!!
Notice the sign to the left of us!!!

On our last run, Kegan found a hole to jump in! Nick showed us how to jump over holes like this. I am sure that is what Kegan would have wanted to do.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


In Memory of Alvin Maddison Hanson
8 July 1915 - 10 January 2009
Grandpa passed away at 4:56 pm today. My dad, uncle Gary, and I were with him at the hospital. I am sad about the loss of my grandfather, but I rejoice that he has gone on to a better place and can reunite with his beloved wife who died a year ago.

Just 13 days ago, we visited Grandpa. He played a game of chess with Kegan and hosted dinner. The above picture was taken then. The kids were getting a little goofy, but we really enjoyed visiting him. Before this last year, I have never lived in the same state as any of my grandparents. During 2008, we visited Grandpa several times during the year. He even played frisbee with us this summer.

Both of my grandmothers passed away at the end of 2007, so in just a short time, I went from having 3 living grandparents to none. I am grateful for the legacy they have left and love them dearly.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve

We celebrated New Year's Eve by watching some Star Wars and a little fireworks. The kids and I fell asleep during Episode V before midnight. Nick turned the movie off and turned on the New York celebration. Then I went to sleep. Happy New Year!!

Christmas Day

Each family member received a nerf gun. I sense a lot of nerf tag in our future!!

Nick wanted to test one of his new gifts (a shovel for the car). He is stuck in front of Lisa's house! After getting unstuck we enjoyed lunch, Rock Band, and visiting at Lisa's.

Christmas Eve

We had a Christmas Eve celebration at our house complete with dinner, a Nativity play, and a fun gift exchange game.