Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas in a New House

I promised the kids we would have a tree up this year. We didn't put our own up last year. So here we are tree up. It got priority over boxes!!

Here's my new house!!! Come visit us. We got all of our things in the house and garage by Saturday at 11 am. The wind was blowing Saturday morning, and the flurries of snow began to blow, but everything made it in before the big dump. Now we hope we can clear the garage out quickly so our cars will fit inside!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

We drove down to Texas to enjoy Thanksgiving and Black Friday! I don't have any pictures of Thanksgiving, but we had a wonderful meal followed by the girls (mostly girls) going to Twilight, and ending the evening with a bit of Christmas!

Zach, Tori, Leah, and Me at Toys R Us for Black Friday.

Black Friday has become such the day for shopping. I think the stores compete with each other over who can open the earliest. My family and I get excited for the deals. Unfortunately for the economy, we only get the deals and don't spend a penny more on other things!! Well Nephew Zach was awake at the early hour of 4:30, so Nick invited him to come along. I wondered how a 6 year old would enjoy Black Friday, but he seemed to enjoy it. This was Nick's first Black Friday experience awake!! In years before his duty was to stay with the kids (which means sleeping at home)! We were quiet successful hitting a 5 am opening at Toys R Us, a 6 am opening at Target and Home Depot, and 7 am for Office Max and Walgreens. We didn't have to wait too long in lines because once the store opened we found our goods and checked out before too many lines could form. We avoid places like WalMart on Black Friday, though. And I didn't mind missing the Best Buy and Circuit City lines this year. If you haven't ever experienced Black Friday, you should!

We also enjoyed a dance a thon and attending the temple during our trip. Even driving 16 hours back on Sunday didn't kill us!! Now we will close on a house this week and move in next week. We seem to like moving around the holidays. Makes it more exciting!