Monday, November 3, 2008

Things I've Learned

After an entire summer of spending over $4 a gallon for gas, this price is such a welcoming sign. I recall paying $3 days after Katrina because of the shortage of gas. At the time I couldn't believe gas could be so expensive since only the week prior to Katrina I grumbled at paying $1.61 per gallon. Yes my memory serves me well there!! Will we ever see gas under $2? Maybe we will. I waited a week to get gas because I saw the prices declining each day. Finally today I had to give in and pump this morning, and guess what, just later this evening, the price had declined 5 cents!! I grew up watching gas prices. Something I learned from my dad. And many people that know me know that I pay attention to the gas prices! I think everyone has something that they notice. My father-in-law currently points out every horse trailer we see, and I---I know the gas prices!!! What's the price of gas where you are?
Well I thought I would list just a few things I have learned from different people during my life:
1. Sidney P. introduced me to putting mustard in chili
2. Anne H. taught me to sing tenor part an octave higher on hymns. (I love to do this).
3. Leah H. taught me that some doors do not lead to the expected. :) She taught me much more than that including yummy spinach salad with mangoes and avocados!
4. Rachel S. introduced me to putting raspberry jam on grilled cheese sandwiches (yummy :)
5. Christine O. showed me that there are still honest, hardworking, and financially smart people out there because she is one!! And you don't have to have a big house to be an awesome person!
6. Kelly P. showed by example to always look for good in people.
7. Charles J.-- just about everything important for camping including wiping plates clean with tissue or paper towel so there won't be any floaties in the wash water and adding a bit of bleach to the rinse water to kill all the soap. (I have to admit I don't always do that).
8. Jarle B. from early morning seminary days--carry 5 smooth stones, don't be a bad banana, be noble, be peculiar, and the entire Old Testament can be acted out with various action figures.
9. Anne H.--mirrors and windows can be cleaned with newspaper and old toothbrushes are perfect for cleaning.
10. A college freshman (didn't know her name): you should never insult the place a person is from. Where they are from is a part of them, so insulting the place is insulting the person. Refer to #6--all places have good things to offer.
11. Christine O. served us corn tortillas heated in oil--my kids thank her for that; tacos with corn tortillas is probably their favorite meal.
12. An apartment of gals in college taught me about having crepes with lemon juice brushed on them, then cinnamon sugar, and whipped cream. So yummy!! And yes that's one of my kids' favorites too.
13. Diana H.--credit cards will break if used as an ice scraper.


nicholasjoncook said...

How about: keep lunching horses on a short rope, or seaweed can substitute for crackers, or MS has chiggers . . .

nicholasjoncook said...
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Christine said...

I want to know what comment you removed...I am happy for you and your $2+ per gallon.
I am even happier for me and my $1.89 per gallon at Sam's today. I hope that price moves your direction! P.S. we had tacos last night--with yummy fried corn shells!

Mark and Laurin said...

Hello..we have gas at 1.98 and when I buy certain things at our store, they discount it even more. I have a coupon for .07 off per gallon!

Trudy said...

Guess what--the new Pak A Sack located just a block north of Estacado has gas for 1.84--yep, less than a dollar! I loved your list of things you have learned. I'm going to tell Charles that you made his list!