Tuesday, October 21, 2008


We went on a weekend camping trip to Horseshoe Canyon. Grandpa came along and brought the horses. We had a great time with only a few incidents! At our lunch stop on the hike/ride, the horses ran away from us. Nick and Grandpa rounded them up. The open sky was really amazing--so many millions of stars to see at night.


Christine said...

okay mississippi gals, how sick does this make you? Ashley, you are the envy of any person who breathes...i'd tell you to stop posting the awesome pics, but if it weren't for them, all of us back in mississippi wouldn't really believe you do all this fun stuff.

Trudy said...

Looks like the Wild Wild West--or maybe the Cook Family Wild West!

Trudy said...

One more thing--Ash, where is your cowgirl hat?

Mark and Laurin said...

I cant beleave how great that looks. What a great adventure..