Monday, September 15, 2008

No Training Wheels

"Dad, I can ride with none training wheels!" Garrett Cook, September 15, 2008

Last night Nick challenged Garrett to take off his training wheels, and we would have a party to celebrate. At first Garrett didn't really buy it or think it was a good idea, but a little bit of persuasion, and he agreed! So today he was pretty excited about taking those training wheels off. We could hardly get dressed fast enough. We took the training wheels off, and Garrett let Kegan test the bike out. Then Garrett hopped on. First run, and he rode into the grass and got stuck. Second run, we moved into open sidewalk. I helped him start, then he thought he should do a wheely!! He didn't crash, but stopped riding. I helped him start again, he was going well when he ran into the Stop sign post with his helmet (good thing he had that helmet on)! After that, he got going pretty well. He even figured out how to start on his own after just a few minutes. He was so excited to call and tell Nick about riding with no training wheels. So tonight as promised we had our party. Garrett loves whipping cream, so we had whipping cream and cake! Fun party. But preceding the party, our whole family went out riding, and we played follow the leader. I didn't realize taking off training wheels meant you can also do tricks on your bike. Apparently it does to Garrett. He was keeping up with the big boys doing various tricks. I need a helmet video camera next time. You would just not believe what this kid was doing out there. Of course he does have a father he patterns this behavior after. Well he had a couple of spills (dad had one too!!), but he wasn't ever hurt until his last trick. We were almost home, he took one leg off the pedal and put it one the opposite side of the bike when he lost balance, and did a face plant 0n the sidewalk. He got all mad at me for not putting his elbow pads on. His elbows were fine, but he got a little raspberry on the forehead (think I need to tighten the helmet now)! It was a fun and exciting milestone for Garrett. Hurray!!!


Well to blog, one must have something to blog about; usually have some interesting pictures; then make the time to actually blog. I haven't been doing some of those things. We have done some interesting things like a triathlon, riding horses, and more soccer games, but I don't have any pictures of those things. Kegan's soccer team won a game! He was thrilled since they had not yet won a game. We continue to house hunt and are hoping we can take advantage of the dropping interest rate for mortgages.