Sunday, August 24, 2008

Soccer Saturday

We have 3 kids signed up for soccer this year. (We only have 3 kids, BTW!) So it makes for an exciting Saturday. All the kids had practice last week and received their uniforms. Then they all had games on Saturday. Yes that's one practice before their first game. Well it was pretty exciting. Garrett and Kegan had games at the exact same time, but at least at the same school. Actually all of Garrett's and Kegan's games are all at the exact same time this season (same place too). I felt real soccer mom-ish walking between the games. And once sitting at Garrett's game, but yelling for Kegan! I am not sure how the stars aligned for this season, but Kegan is on a team of almost all girls; only one other boy. None of the kids have played except Kegan, so with only one short practice under their belts, Kegan's team didn't do so well. The team they played against has obviously played together before, and they have a really great coach. Kegan scored his team's only goal but against like 10 or something from the other team!

Garrett's team well is an Under 5 team. First time for everyone, but they were cute out there. I think Garrett helped score a couple of goals, but it's hard for me to tell who actually kicked the ball in since there are 8 kids right in front of the goal. Garrett's teams has only 1 girl, how does that work out? Of the game, Garrett says, "We won." I really don't know what the score was. Both teams scored several goals.

After the boys' games, we had a little down time where Nick worked on some soccer skills with the boys in the backyard, then we headed to a different school for Anna's game. For only one practice and the first game, Anna's team did quite well. They won 4-0, and Anna scored a goal! The U9 teams are not co-ed, so just girls which Anna likes. Her team has some things to work on, but it looks like it will go well.

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Trudy said...

Well, Ash, I think you must be the ultimate soccer Mom! Even when you and Leah and Chad were all involved with things, I never had three games/practices in a single day! I loved the picture of Kegan's first day at school, too.