Monday, August 18, 2008

Last Summer Activities

So here is a 5.7 climb called Rockepella. It was a great climb for the kids. Anna (above) touched the roof before coming down. The roof is the rock jutting out above her. Brooke, Jesse, Corbin, Nick, Ann, and I were able to make it over the roof to the top of the climb.

Kegan made it to the "roof" of the climb.

We had to go back to AF Canyon a couple of days later to really do the 5.7 climb. We still didn't make it off the trail before dark, but we had more lights this time.

Rock Climbing in American Fork Canyon. Ann and Nick got so excited that they put their stuff down and started getting ready for this easy 5.7 climb. After both of them struggled with this climb I wondered if we were at the right spot. I went further on the trail and found some other rock climbers on the 5.7 climb that we were looking for. The climb Ann and Nick did was a 5.10a (that's pretty difficult; not for kids). Even with just a few climbers attempting, the trek took a while. We were on the trail to go back to the car in the dark.

Jesse and Nick on their Crest Trail Ride. Ann is taking the picture. Nick was happy to have shocks and disc brakes this year!

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Julie said...

that looks really fun. can we do that sometime when we're in Utah?