Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kegan's First Day of School

Kegan started Kindergarten yesterday. I think he enjoyed it. It also wasn't very long. Monday is a short day here. All students get out 1 hour earlier. So Kegan goes to school on Monday from 12:08 to 2:30. They had enough time to draw a self portrait, begin making a paper bag puppet, and play outside a little bit. Those are the things Kegan told me about anyway. So here's my Monday schedule:

8:00 take Anna to school

12:00 take Kegan to school

Make a quick run to Walmart between shuttles!

1:15 Pick up Anna

2:30 Pick up Kegan

We live very close to the school, so it's not terrible. The rest of the week Kegan attends Kindergarten from 12:38 to 3:30.


Mark and Laurin said...

Wow Anna gets out at 1:15? Then your back at 3. Your going to be in the car all day!

Christine said...

good grief! see, you just need to move back to m'sippi and not have to bother with such things! it IS a good thing you live close to the school. man, that does not sound fun...how is garrett handling it? that can be your next blog.
*my updater is messed up too...kelly's works fine. i just check thru hers!

Julie said...

love that Kegan. hope he is enjoying school.