Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School

Anna started school today. We met her teacher last Thursday, Ms. Romberg. Anna was not happy at all that her class is in a portable this year. Two third grade classes are in portables this year. There were 2 first grade classes added this year, so the third grade got the boot. I tried to comfort her by telling her that I had 3rd grade in a portable, cool, huh? She didn't think so. Well she must have gotten over the worry because she hurried right on to class today. I didn't know if I should go early or not. At this school the kids can't enter their classrooms until 5 minutes before start time. So we left at 7:50 to arrive at 7:55. It was perfect timing, the teacher was just opening her door. So there were plenty of parents, but not as crowded as I thought it could be. Then I saw the bike racks; they were completely full!! So probably only the youngest kids get walked to class here!
All of the classrooms here have outside entrances (as well as indoor entrances). So each class lines up outside of their classroom door until the teacher opens the door. They then enter into mudrooms where they have cubbies for bags, coats, etc. There is no mudroom for the portable, though. Too bad. I will have to give an update of the actual first day when Anna gets home.


Trudy said...

You look like a really "cool" third grader! By the way, Chad's third grade class met in a portable--and it was one of his favorite years (and favorite teachers).

Grandma Trudy

stirek said...

Anna looks like she has grown a lot this summer! Did Keegan start today? We sure miss you guys. Belle is lost now that everyone has moved away or started school.-Vickie

Julie said...

I was thinking about Anna this week. hope her week was fun and that she likes her new teacher. so grown up...

Christine said...

Are you as tall as your Mom now? You look like you have grown A LOT! Remember, they only put the students in the portables that they know won't complain about it. They must think highly of you!

*I miss you!