Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Catch Up

I have failed to make some posts recently because I don't have any pictures of some of the fun things we have done. So without picts, I'll just let you know. On July 24, we had an awesome water fight! We had come home from the neighborbood party, and we broke out with water guns. It was Kegan and I against Nick and Garrett. Now it was about 10:00 at night, so we had the dark to hide in. We enjoyed not having a fully fenced yard that we could run around the entire house. We all got pretty wet, and the little boys were shivering by the end!

For Nick's summer work party, we went boating with his manager! I do have pictures of this, I'll have to load them up. So Nick and I did a little wakeboarding. Anna did knee boarding, and everyone did some tubing. A fun day at the lake.

I took the kids to Seven Peaks Water Park. No camera here, but we had so much fun! We went on tube rides, slides, lazy river, tadpole pool, wave pool, and more slides. One of Anna's friends came along with us (Olivia). I took the kids to the slide called Flash Flood. An adult can hold one child on this slide. Well Olivia was too scared to try it by herself, so I had to send my little 4 year old Garrett by himself!! He had a life jacket on, and he did awesome!!

We have still been on the house hunt, but we are disappointed that we will not be in a house before school starts on August 18. Here Kindergarten starts a week later than the rest of the kids.

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Julie said...

it looks like you HAVE been getting out and about with the kids. and if you lived in a 2 bedroom upstairs apt above a family with a tiny baby, you would realize that we have no choice but to get out. hopefully we're off to london this weekend.