Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Days of 47 Rodeo

I went to my first rodeo! I grew up in Texas yet I never attended a rodeo until last night! We had a good time watching the cowboys. It was "Tough enough to wear Pink night" so there were a lot of pink shirts!! (It was for a cancer fundraiser).

Here's a video of calf roping:

Another interesting element was a cowboy from Oklahoma. He rode in the arena in a Dodge Truck with a trailer. He then went on to entertain by riding his horse up on top of the trailer, standing up on his horse while on top of the trailer, then later herding 2 buffalo onto the top of the trailer! This was the kid's favorite part.

Anna got new hat out of the deal, so it was a good cowboying night!!


Christine said...

where's the pic with you in your cowboy hat? too bad i am not there to braid your hair...that would look super cute!

Trudy said...

I'm glad you finally made it to a rodeo! So what was your favorite event, other than the trailer with the buffalo?