Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Days of 47 Rodeo

I went to my first rodeo! I grew up in Texas yet I never attended a rodeo until last night! We had a good time watching the cowboys. It was "Tough enough to wear Pink night" so there were a lot of pink shirts!! (It was for a cancer fundraiser).

Here's a video of calf roping:

Another interesting element was a cowboy from Oklahoma. He rode in the arena in a Dodge Truck with a trailer. He then went on to entertain by riding his horse up on top of the trailer, standing up on his horse while on top of the trailer, then later herding 2 buffalo onto the top of the trailer! This was the kid's favorite part.

Anna got new hat out of the deal, so it was a good cowboying night!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nana's Backyard

We ended the day by celebrating Christian's, Nicole's, and Brookelle's birthdays at Nana's house. The kids enjoyed various activities in the backyard including sledding down the hill!

Hogle Zoo

On Thursday, the kids and I met Cheri and her kids, and Lisa and her girls, and Nana at the Hogle Zoo. We had a day of looking at animals, lunch, a neat bird show, carousel ride, ice cream, and a train ride.

Drive in the Mountains

Last week we took a little drive in the mountains. We took the Trooper of course for some off-roading. The journey was interesting. We saw deer, flowers, and played in some snow. It was very bumpy. We enjoyed the views of Mount Timpanogas and the valley.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Dinosaur!

On Friday, we forgot about Cow Appreciation day, but we did have a lot of fun at Thanksgiving Point. At the Museum, there is a huge balloon T-rex skeleton. It took 6 days to make, 2300 balloons, and 7 people. The kids enjoyed the activities they had for celebrating the birthday of the dinosaur. It was really celebrating 8 years of being open.

The dinosaur skeleton in the foreground is made of balloons!

Monday, July 7, 2008


On Tuesday, June 24 the kids and I went to Magleby's Fresh (restaurant) with Cheri (Nick's sister) and Chad Evans and their kids. While the adults ordered, Garrett managed to fall, hit a chair, and cut his head open. None of the adults saw exactly what happened, but Cheri and I quickly left Chad with the other 4 kids and took Garrett to an urgent care center which we had just seen on the way to the restaurant. The gash was about an inch and a half long and seemed pretty deep to me (but not to the skull). After cleaning, and numbing the area, the doctor put 6 staples in Garrett's head. No swimming for a week. Garrett was pretty brave throughout the ordeal and back to normal spirits soon. The best part was getting a Kung Fu Panda sticker! After the exciting event, we all went to Bridal Veil Falls. Unfortunately both my camera and Cheri's camera had no good batteries. The kids enjoyed walking in the water at the bottom, and Garrett managed to get pretty wet, but his head stayed dry. Garrett got the staples out a week later which he was pretty happy about. I don't think the scar will be noticeable until he shaves his head!

Park City, Utah

We vacationed and vacationed from blogging. We had a great time with the Hanson Family in Park City. Doing things like fishing, walking, swimming, visiting Grandpa Hanson in Providence, Thanksgiving Point, Temple Square, Alpine Slide, and shopping.

In an effort to fish, we walked into the river to this log which we then balanced on. The water was FREEZING. So cold, it was painful. The boys got piggybacks returning to shore. (No Fish)!

Right: The six grandkids

Left: Jake, Tori, Anna, Kegan at Thanksgiving Point Children's Garden

The kids built Temples at the Church History Museum.

Alpine Slide at Park City Mountain Resort. We had 6 adult drivers and 6 child riders!! Worked out quite well. Kegan and I aren't pictured because we were the first down. All the drivers and riders enjoyed. Sorry you missed this year's ride Leah and Chad. If you haven't ever done the Alpine Slide, you should! It is a track down the mountain which you ride a sled down. You even get to ride the chair lift to the top of the ride.

I did more pictures and fewer words in hopes that you don't get bored!