Friday, June 20, 2008


Tuesday, June 3: We walk Waikiki Beach, then head to Ko olina Lagoon where we snorkel and watch the sunset. Where Waikiki is filled with high rise towers, lots of shopping, and a great but crowded beach; Ko olina is the opposite. It has several hotels, but it's quiet. The resort area is surrounded by land, homes, and a golf course. The lagoons (though man made) are beautiful and safe swimming. We enjoyed the contrast.

Wednesday, June 4: Laie is the destination for the day. First we attend the Temple, then we have lunch with friend Akemi. She's attending BYU Hawaii. After that we head to the Polynesian Cultural Center for a day of entertaining and educational shows about the different Polynesian Islands. There is too much to do here in one day, so the center offers free return within 3 days! While here we learn how to use Poi balls (from New Zealand), try poi (from Hawaii), eat a buffet luau, and watch the amazing Horizons show.

Thursday, June 5: Another early day! We get up early to get to Hanauma Bay--a famous snorkeling site. We snorkel about an hour and see some amazing fish including a parrot fish. After snorkeling we go to Sea Life Park. Here we enjoy dolphin shows and I get to swim with dolphins! After Sea Life Park, we returned to Hanauma Bay for a little more snorkeling.

Friday, June 6: We get in our surf lessons this morning! We spend a few minutes on land learning how to stand and get up on the surfboard. Then we head to the water! Surfing doesn't really seem so hard. The instructor watches the waves then pushes you with great force in front of an oncoming wave, and you stand up! I was quite successful at this! Nick tried catching his own wave and was successful once. We realized that it was quite difficult to do the surfing without the push from the instructor!

Later we drive back to the North Shore to catch some things we missed at the PCC and also visit some North Shore beaches. The highlight was Turtle Beach! We got out there to snorkel, and we found a pod of 10 turtles from small to huge!! It was amazing.

Saturday, June 7: We wake up very early to get to the Aloha Swap Meet at the stadium. We hear it gets hot, so we arrive at about 7 am. Most vendors are still unpacking! We find some great treasures, then head to the Pearl Harbor Sites. We visit the USS Bowfin and the USS Arizona Memorial. Very interesting and educational. Later in the afternoon we do a little surfing at Waikiki.

Sunday, June 8: We find a church a make it on time at 8:00 am! After church, we take a Sunday drive up Tantalus. Beautiful vegetation and views of Honolulu. Later we enjoy a parade in Waikiki. It's a Pan Pacific Festival, so there are many Japanese participants.

Monday, June 9: Our last vacation day we spend at Waikiki Beach. We try a little surfing. I catch one good wave; Nick catches a couple. Then I read a book and get a little sunburned on the beach. Nick goes out for more. I decide to get Ukulele, and we get our bags to depart our vacation. It has gone by so fast. What a dream we have had.


Choate Family said...

What great memories! For your 15th anniversary you are invited to come scuba diving in the Solomon Islands (you can even bring the kids, and we'll watch them for you).

Julie said...

sounds like a great time. see you soon. we can't wait.