Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New York

Anna and I traveled to New York from April 15 - April 19. Here's what we did:

Tuesday--2 flights to New York. Papa picks us up and we drive to Long Island to stay the night with him.

Wednesday--Papa takes us up in a glider!! Wow. We got great lift and had a flight for 45 minutes. Then we head to Manhattan where we see Wicked. We loved the show.

Thursday--We endured long lines and waits for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Later we went to Central Park and imagined ourselves in Enchanted. To finish off the evening we met my friend Diana and her husband for diinner at Mangia's. Anna waited expectantly for Aunt Leah's arrival on Thursday night.

Friday--American Girl Place. Anna chose Kit for her doll; she got her picture taken with her doll; we ate at the cafe!!! What fun. We also stopped at some other toy stores. To end the evening we saw The Little Mermaid Broadway show. It was so amazing. The people playing characters in the sea had Heelys to help them look like they were swimming!!

Saturday--We braved the blockades due to the Pope visit and made it to the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). After that we caught the show at American Girl Place called Circle of Friends. Then Papa took us to the airport.

My First Blog

So I have decided I need to jump on the blog wagon. I'll start out with not making any promises about keeping it up--that way we don't have high expectations!! The first part of 2008 has just flown by. We moved to Utah, we did some skiing, Anna got baptized, and Anna and I went to New York. Fun times!!